Julianne Dickinson

The best rescue I've ever been involved with. I've fostered two dogs one red kelpie and buddy he had a broken leg both have gone on to live in forever family's. Denise is just big hearted lady that does a wonderful job with all of her carers that foster their beautiful dogs, cats and kittens.

Alyce Bowler

I did the hardest thing Saturday and that was to give up my precious cat - she has been given to a lovely carer I do recommend this rescue centre so thanks Deb and the Silver Lining team for taking her to a fantastic home.

Lani Bigham

"Fostering for Silver Lining Pet Rescue literally saved my foster dogs life!  I've been fostering and volunteering with slpr for two years now and have always found it to be a close knit rescue with a wonderful support network of fellow carers and volunteers. SLPR is also one of the few rescues I know who have never lost sight of why they began. No matter how heavy the workload is, no matter how overwhelming or emotionally drained the ladies are, they NEVER cut corners and always do their absolute best for the foster pets. Truly a wonderful rescue."

Amy Carr

"I began animal foster care in December 2012 when Silver Lining Pet Rescue was literally being set up. I immediately jumped at the chance to work with this rescue only as I saw the vision Denise and April had and the amazing work that would come to so many in need as a result. I don’t know how they do it sometimes but I do know they do it well. At not one time have I ever had the need to question the running of this rescue as all within this rescue are transparent, open and work solely with the aim of putting the animals first. While the general public may not see as much I can guarantee I see this each day with how this rescue is run ethically. 
I have honestly lost count now of how many beautiful cats, dogs, kittens and puppies over the years I have had the pleasure of fostering, giving not only my home but love as though they were mine."

Marcela Strahorn

"Denise is an amazing woman, and always so helpful and quick to respond to any issues or questions you have. I love animals, and I would love to adopt another pet, but until we move into a bigger house, I have found fostering is a great alternative to get my dog fix, and also help save lives. There are always tears and heartbreak saying goodbye when your foster baby goes to their forever home, but there is also no better feeling in the world than knowing you helped save a life. I would foster a hundred animals if I could. I feel truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing rescue!"

Kerry Jepsen

"If it wasn't for silver lining I wouldn't have my number one man Yugi. I have fostered multiple animals now n most have found their forever home. The fact that I'm part of an Organisation that believes animals have rights n souls just like their human counterparts, makes me have faith in humanity again. SLPR do such an amazing job n I can only hope that I'm here to witness n help rescue these poor souls."

Gail Cooling

"I have adopted my fur baby that I was fostering. I feel it is the utmost importance in doing what we can for unwanted animals. Until Law comes in that All dogs and cats Must be desexed and only breeding can be applied for through a Permit system we NEED groups Such as SLPR . SLPR reaches Australia wide and not only helps people that no longer want their pets or can't have their pets due to medical or location reasons but they rescue animals on Death Row from refuges that have a kill policy. It is not the animals fault if they have been surrendered. Often due to poor training,people leaving or going on holidays. My experience with SLPR has been a positive one and I find that each of the people running SLPR has a deep and passionate love and empathy for the animals they try to help. Often overwhelmed by the influx of unwanted Animals they try to find and join up new carers,( including helping other rescue groups). This is a hard task surprisingly. I could not think of a better way then fostering, then with the option of adoption. I was impatient and wanted to adopt my big girl from day one, but I had to do a trial period of 3 weeks, after they came out and assessed myself and my property. I was extremely impressed that they did not allow me to adopt same day. This showed me they had ethics and standards and they stick to the guns putting the Animal first, very responsible. This helps stopping animals going into a knee jerk reaction or spontaneous adoption that later could result in the animal being back up for fostering/adoption. I have nothing but praise for these people and the wonderful fosterers and adopters. I can only hope MORE people will join the revolution of Fostering and adopting wiping out back yard breeders that do it for money or because they do not desex."

Kayla Hooper

Never meet a more caring incredible rescue than this!! Especially Denise who helped us a year ago with the rehoming of our 2 dogs. Angels

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