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General Care

Here are some tips for pet care


There are a variety of different pet foods available from the supermarket, pet stores or your local vet. Depending on your pet, you can feed them wet food, dry food, a combination of both or a natural diet. The important thing to remember, no matter which way you choose to feed your pet is to ensure you’re not overfeeding or underfeeding your pet. Use the guide that comes with most food or speak to your veterinarian if you’re unsure.

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Always ensure there is a fresh supply of water available for your pet and remember to keep topping this up especially in the hotter months

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Make sure your pet is wormed regularly to keep both your pet AND your family healthy. Don’t forget to heartworm as well!
Pets and Fleas are quite common, but they can create havoc for your pet and your home. Keep your pet treated for fleas through supermarket remedies and if the problem persists see your veterinarian.

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There are numerous benefits for exercising your pet – they will feel good, look healthy and show good behavior. You should aim to exercise your pet every day.

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ID for your pet

Losing a much loved pet can be a traumatic experience, but there are many ways to increase the likelihood of getting him back.

Dog Tags

The first step to owning any new dog/puppy is to buy them a collar with some form of owner identification such as dog tags. There are a range of different shapes and colours to suit you and your dog’s personality. Make sure you include the owners phone number!



A more permanent option is to microchip your pet. Contained in a capsule and about the size of a grain of rice these microchips are injected into the neck of your pet (don’t worry! It’s no more uncomfortable than a regular immunization shot) the microchip contains owner information when scanned by rescue organizations, AWLA, RSCPA and councils in the event your pet is lost. Chat to your veterinarian for more information.

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This is absolutely essential for the health of your pet! Desexing prevents disease and injury, such as mammary cancer, feline immunodeficiency virus, depressed immune system, tumors and cancers. Desexing promotes health and longevity in your pet, and is imperative for any responsible pet owner.  This is a general and common procedure performed by your vet, and your pet will make a quick recovery!

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Pet Insurance

Ongoing visits to the vet are just part of being a responsible pet owner, and sometimes these can become quite costly. Accidents and ailments CAN happen, and the costs can begin to mount. Pet insurance offers cover for a percentage of your vet bills for a monthly premium. To find out if pet insurance is right for you reach out to our partner PetSecure: or call 1300 855 160

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