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Become a Foster Carer today.

Becoming a foster carer will enrich your life in more ways than you can imagine. You will see foster pets blossom as they begin to understand they are safe and loved by you.  We support you the entire way through your fostering journey, matching you with the appropriate animal for your lifestyle being our primary goal.

The down side of fostering? It's bitter-sweet when your foster finds their forever home. It’s sad watching them leave but knowing you have played a big part in their lives, words cannot describe the emotions. If not for you and your loving heart the animal may not have had a second chance at life. Moments at the end of the day make you realize the difference you have made!

As a foster based rescue we require people to open their hearts and homes to our pets, to care for them until their silver lining comes along. The minimum time is 2 weeks but we cant give a maximum because finding that silver lining can take some time. If you require it, Silver Lining will provide you with the food and essentials needed to care for our pets.


We do require you fill out an application form and that you have secure fencing for our pets.


If you think you are suited to foster caring or would like more information please click the "Contact Us." link below.

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