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A purrfect Success

Black cat superstition has been a spectacle throughout history, and this has led to many injudicious beliefs about them, especially in Medieval Europe. But fortunately, there have also been positive superstitions about black cats and what they bring, where people admired them and treated them as gods.

Many people who believed that black cats were bad luck had the concept that if a black cat were to cross your path it would bring death, therefore ongoing killings of black cats took place in the middle ages.

Although in certain parts of Europe, such as the United Kingdom, black cats had some positivity about them and were often misunderstood and misleading.

However, in other parts of the world such as Egypt, Felines were recognized as a god. The goddess Bastet who is part female part feline granted good fortune for people who protected and housed cats.

Egyptians considered them an embodiment of the gods and worshipped them. Therefore, any killings of a cat, even as an accident was highly illegal and the punishment was death.

Silver lining pet rescue wanted to recognize the worldwide “Black Cat Adoption Day” by holding their very own at Kawana Petstock on the 31.10.20.

They had a phenomenally successful day with many of their cats having applications which will see them go their forever homes. Silver Lining Pet Rescue had a donation of $2250.00 from vancatmeow who was commissioned to do a story on foster caring for cats.

A massive thank you to all who made the effort to come down and support Silver Lining Pet Rescue. It would not have been as successful without the efforts of the carers, volunteers, supporters and of course PetStock Kawana and Van Cat Meow - travelling cat.

Petstock Kawana “black cat” adoption day 31.10.20

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