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Barking For Foster Homes

In Australia approximately 130,000 dogs and 60,000 cats are euthanized every year in shelters. Fostering for a rescue such as Silver Lining Pet Rescue is a huge step into helping those who don't have a voice.

As a rescue we see the amount of pets on a daily basis being surrendered to shelters due to family issues, behavioral issues, accidental litters, last of the litter that they can't re-home, work related issues, relocation's, not what they wanted and even seen people surrender due to the dog/cat being too energetic.

Each and every pet that gets surrendered to local shelters/pounds get put onto a 'list' which then gets passed around to rescues to see if they can help. Half of these pets on the 'List' will end up losing their life because rescues don't have the space due to lack of carers. Small rescues such as Silver Lining Pet Rescue are solely foster care based and operated, therefore lack the amount of carers needed to save the dogs and cats on the list.

This is why being a foster carer is so important. Not only are you doing a good thing,but you're also saving and giving a pet another chance at life. Why should they lose their lives over something that could be rectified and controlled?

Fostering is a very rewarding role and helps people to understand better of how many pets in shelters do need homes. You don’t have to be experienced or previously been a carer to become one now. Silver Lining Pet Rescue has a support group that we post in when needing advice or help. We support and back our carers 100% and will move mountains for both carers and animals. Fostering is also an opportunity for those who have lost their special fur-baby, but not quite ready to commit to another just yet, or for those who are unsure of what breed fits into their lifestyle.

When fostering through Silver Lining Pet Rescue, all vet works covered and donated food will be supplied if on hand. We even have some carers who buy their own food as they prefer certain brands or like to feed the same as what their pet eats.

All that's involved in fostering is a loving family that can open their home and hearts temporarily to help those who are homeless, give unconditional love and treat as their own and to attend events when possible with their foster pet to ensure they get the exposure to find them their forever home.

If you find that special foster who you can't bare to let go of or seeing another family member love them just as much as you did, Silver Lining Pet Rescue gives their carers the opportunity to foster-to-adopt. Sometimes we get pets in our care that aren't able to be adopted out due to senior age/medical issues and require palliative care, this then becomes permanent foster until they walk across the rainbow bridge. Palliative carers get the assistance from Silver Lining Pet Rescue with vet bills and medication, so all that is required is a warm home with a loving foster carer to live out the rest of their days. Silver Lining Pet Rescue will place a dog/cat into a foster home that fits both the carer and pets needs.

Yes it's hard to let them go, but in the end you know its what's best for them and a chance at a new life. There will be tears and it will feel as if your hearts breaking, but it's not. That's your heart saying you're doing the right thing and have saved yet another life as well as opening the door to help save another.

Please be their voice and open your homes and hearts to those who truly need it by fostering today.

0411 261 212

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