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A happy ending for Cooper

Cooper came into our rescue back in April with a broken leg that hadn't been seen to for quite some time. At just 9 months of age, this little guy hadn't much hope when he was threatened to being shot, So we unexpectedly took him in. Cooper went in for his life changing operation! After being on pain relief he was more comfortable. Coopers x-rays were reviewed by orthopedic surgeon to see how badly damaged his leg was and to see if it was able to be surgically fixed with pins.

He remained at the vets where he was safe and well cared for. Only two options were discussed between the vet and our director. Pinning and amputation. Cooper had massive swelling around the break. Unfortunately the break was left too long and unable to be pinned. Amputation was the only option. Cooper had a terrible time under surgery with his heart rate increasing and his breathing going erratic. He remained in the vets until it was certain he'd make a full recovery.

After the vet gave Cooper the all clear, He went on to stay with his foster mum Helen. Helen continued to rehabilitate Cooper and even took him to dog obedience. Cooper was running around in no time as if he never lost his leg. Cooper's personality started to shine. Helen spoiled him with new toys which he reluctantly decided he didn't want but loved to steal her butternut pumpkins!

Fast forward a few months, we received an email from a gentleman wanting to adopt our precious three legged survivor! Cooper went for a meet and greet and stayed. Helen came to suss out who would dare apply for our Cooper and we couldn’t find a reason for him not to stay. His new dad carried him up the stairs so he could explore his new home. We found that his new dad really quite fell in love with Cooper like we did.

Whether they have four legs or three, Every pet has a home out there waiting for them!

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