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Another Successful BAAC Animal May Day Appeal Festival and Ride!

What an epic day! We are forever thankful for the exhaustive amount time and effort that goes into every event and this one was no different. The BAAC (Bikers Against Animal Cruelty) in another mammoth effort put on their annual May Day Appeal Festival and Ride last Saturday and it was fantastic!

The festival began at 10.30am at the Redland Bay Hotel with the riders arriving around 11.30am which was awesome to watch in itself. This annual event assists around 15 animal rescues and Sea Shepherd. They raise funds, dry and wet food donations, toys, towels and bedding etc - anything the attending rescues need to continue the work we all do for our precious furkids.

A brilliant sunny morning brought so many families, kids and fur kids out to wander around the stall, enjoying many pats and lots of puppy cuddles. Pretty sure the puppies spent a very little amount of time on the ground! While the rain did set in it definitely didn’t hinder the spirit of the day or the enthusiasm of all there especially Darryl – as without Darryl this event would not be what it is!

(Who not only spent the day running the event, standing in the rain auctioning off items and running the raffle – but also celebrated his birthday while doing it!) So, the hugest of Thank you’s and a massive Happy Birthday from all of our furkids and the whole Silver Lining Family!

We would also like to thank all the stall holders, sponsors, rescues that attended to make this day great.

This event not only raises much needed donations for all the rescues and charities attending but generates a huge amount of awareness for our cause. The exposure it generates the rescues and their animals is what allows us to keep going, it is through awareness that we continue to save lives through the volunteers who see what we do and want to be able to help however they can.

It is our volunteers that save lives, that show these fur babies they are loved and nurture them back to health so they can find their forever families. Whether you are foster carer or a sponsor, if you donate or fundraise, if you tell one person about what we do and how they can help, then you have helped us.

If you would like to be a part of the next BAAC event follow their facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/B.A.A.C.Brisbane/

For information on how to become a foster carer, volunteer, donate or assist in any way, please contact us at silverliningpetrescue@gmail.com or visit our website at www.silverliningpetrescue.com.au.

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