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Save Lives by becoming a Foster Carer!

Like many other smaller rescues, Silver Lining Pet Rescue is foster-based. What does this mean? It means that unlike organizations like RSPCA or Animal Welfare League, we do not have any central facility to house pets. Our ability to help any cat or dog is solely dependent on us having a foster carer for them.

What is fostering? Basically, it means opening your home to a pet on a temporary basis – providing them with shelter, food, and socialization – while we look for a new 'furrever home' for them*

Why foster?

Show them they are loved. Pets come to us from many different and sometimes distressing situations – from regional pounds, strays and abandoned, surrenders to vets, and private surrenders due to change in home and personal circumstances. Sometimes we know their history, sometimes not. What we do know is that all these pets need love. They need to know they can trust again, and to learn love. It is incredibly rewarding and heart-warming to see a scared and hesitant cat or dog become a loving and confident companion – and to know it is because of YOU.

Give pets a better chance to get adopted – pets in families learn to be around people (and other pets), and to adjust to 'home life'. As a foster carer, you also get to learn the individual personalities of your charges – vital information when understanding their needs and finding them the ideal home and family of their own.

Fostering offers flexibility. Are you an animal lover, but unable to commit to a new permanent addition to your life? Fostering gives you the opportunity to experience the joy of having a cat or dog on a short-term basis – all while knowing that without you, this pet may not have survived.

'Try before you buy' – if you have been thinking about adding a new furbaby to your home, but aren't sure of type or suitability, fostering provides time to experience a having a cat / kitten / dog / puppy / large breed / small breed / long-hair / short-hair to 'test the water' so to speak. Of course, as we know, it is very common for foster carer's to fall in love and 'foster fail' too.

Fostering is crucial to the life-saving work of rescue. Bottom line, if we don't have foster carer's we can't save these gorgeous animals. Every day there are more cries for help, and every day we must turn some away. It breaks our hearts. More foster carer's on the team means more pets that can be saved.

* Can you help? Just contact us at and we can let you know all that is involved and discuss how you can work with us. We'd love to have you on board!

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